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July 31, 2014


Pretty Ladies Manage this Harvest


With 29 pictures, this webpage tells the story of a shrimp harvest on the Jama River in Manabi, Ecuador, in July 2014.  The harvest is managed by the mother/daughter team of Letty and Dady Quadrado.




Here are some excerpts from the story that accompanies the pictures:


The shrimp ponds along Rio Jama are owned by a handful of families, and each one has a modest headquarters where pumps, feed and supplies are stored.


Having someone watching over the ponds day and night helps protect against theft (yes—thieves sneak in at night and steal shrimp!).


The ponds are deep enough that herons and egrets are not tempted by the shrimp that stay near the bottom.  If the birds line the edges, it's a sign that something's wrong—perhaps the shrimp need more oxygen, and they're coming to the surface for air. 


The harvest begins by removing the highest board in the water control structure.  The water level slowly lowers and more boards are removed.  Sensing the change in water level, the shrimp instinctively go to the deepest part of the pond, which is near the outlet pipe.  Netting prevents the shrimp from escaping too soon!


When most of the water has drained, the men prepare the tube net, which will catch the shrimp as they come through the discharge pipes.


How refreshing it is to see a mother/daughter team totally comfortable in their leadership roles!


Letty asked us to bring a container for some shrimp, and when she saw the medium-sized container, she asked, “Don't you have something larger?”  Poised, witty, intelligent and beautiful, she filled the container and then a grocery bag with enough shrimp to feed a football team!


Source: Zeebra Designs and Destinations.  Who’s the Boss on This Shrimp Farm?  July 2014.

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