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December 24, 2015


Prices Decrease  on Surpluses


Through mid-December 2015, farm-gate shrimp prices were relatively stable, but now prices for some sizes have begun to decline as buyers in the United States, China and Europe end their purchases for the holiday season.


There is a surplus of shrimp at the farm level.  Some Ecuadorian processors such as Nirsa—which buys between 500 and 700 pounds of shrimp a day—have closed down to do maintenance work during the holidays, while others offer low prices because of the surpluses.


On of December 21, farm-gate prices for 30/40-count shrimp were $6.85 per kilogram, down from $7 a kilo on December 12.


Source: Undercurrent News [eight free news reads every month].  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Ecuador Shrimp Prices Start Decreasing, but January Recovery Expected.  Alicia Villegas (  December 24, 2015.


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