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September 3, 2013


Robberies of Farmed Raised Shrimp


I used Google Translate to translate the following information from Spanish to English:


José Antonio Camposano, CEO of Ecuador’s National Aquaculture Chamber (CNA), says shrimp farmers feel unprotected against persistent robberies that involve heavy weapons and violent actions.  In recent weeks, there have been several cases of assaults and robberies around the Gulf of Guayaquil, the heart of the country’s shrimp farming industry.  Most of the robberies go unreported.  It is considered useless and even dangerous to report the robberies because of possible retaliation or legal action.  CNA estimates that almost 10% of Ecuador’s shrimp production is lost to robberies.  The purloined shrimp end up in unregulated markets or in the hands of unethical processors.


Camposano, said, "We have asked for a direct meeting with the Coordinating Minister for Security with the industry, but to date, we have no response....” Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has organized several meetings about dealing with the robberies, but none of the meetings have resulted in tangible results.


Information: Yahira Piedrahita Falquez, Directora Ejecutiva, Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura, Centro Empresarial Las Cámaras, Ave. Francisco de Orellana y Miguel H. Alcívar, Torre B, 3er piso, Of. 301, Kennedy Norte, Guayaquil, Ecuador (phone +593-4-2683017, extension 109, email, webpage


Source: Google Groups.  Boletin Informativo AcuíCola.  Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura denuncia: Persisten robos a camaroneras mediante el uso de armamento pesado y acciones violentas.  Yahira Piedrahita Falquez.  National Aquaculture Chamber.  September 2, 2013.


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