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November 28, 2014


Shrimp Prices Tumble


Shrimp prices in Ecuador are falling fast.  Europe has finished buying for the Christmas season, and shrimp inventories in the United States and China have been reported to be adequate.


Offers for headless, shell-on (HLSO) and head-on, shell-on (HOSO) are down by as much as $1 a pound.


Ecuador, encouraged by bumper prices and freedom from EMS, is also producing a lot more shrimp than last year.  Sources are predicting production of between 300,000 to 320,000 metric tons in 2014, compared to around 210,000 tons in 2013.


Some farmers are refusing to harvest because they think they can just wait it out as the New Year rolls around, and then they’ll harvest larger shrimp.  The pressure is really on the processors who need to keep their plants running to keep overhead down and people employed.


On the positive side, Chinese buyers will have to order in the next couple of weeks in order to get shrimp before the Chinese New Year, which begins on February 15 in 2015.  Also, buyers need to move now, when the prices are cheap, to balance the expensive inventory they bought in the last three or four months.


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  Ecuador Shrimp Prices Tumble as Chinese Buyers Hold Off.  Tom Seaman  (  November 29, 2014.

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