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June 13, 2013


Switches Back to Shrimp from Tilapia


As the production of farm raised shrimp in Southeast Asia drops because of early mortality syndrome (EMS), some of Ecuador’s aquatic farmers are switching from tilapia to shrimp.


Ecuadorean supplier Santa Priscila is converting 40% of its tilapia ponds to shrimp because of increasing demand from Asia and conventional markets.


Francisco Murillo, chief business development officer for Regal Springs, said the switch in Ecuador began early in 2013.  Murillo said he knew of one producer that switched from farming only tilapia to farming only shrimp, and he predicts the shift will create a noticeable shortfall of tilapia in the USA market this year.  Tilapia exports from Ecuador to the USA took a 13% dive during the first four months of the year, dropping to 2,741 metric tons compared to 3,152 tons last year.


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman (  Ecuador Producers Swapping Tilapia for Shrimp.  Jeanine Stewart (  June 11, 2013.


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