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July 27, 2014


Shrimp Prices Resume Upward Trend


Farm gate prices for whole shrimp are rising fast in Ecuador and Thailand, setting the scene for an interesting second half of the year.


Prices in Ecuador have been rising steadily over the last few weeks, as buyers from China and other countries have come back into the market in a big way.


In Ecuador, processors are paying farmers $7.20 for 40/50-count-per-kilogram, whole shrimp, compared to $6.90 and $6.60 earlier in the spring and summer.  Farm-gate prices for 30/40-count-per-kilogram, whole shrimp are up to $8.80 from $7.30 last month.


Chinese domestic production is also thought to be weak and production in Thailand, where the slow recovery from early mortality syndrome (EMS) means that total production of 250,000 metric tons is a best-case scenario in 2014.


About Thailand, Todd Rushing, the co-founder of Shrimp Trader, an online platform for importing and distributing seafood, said, “We conclude business one week and...on the same items, the price goes up [the next week].  All new offers from Thailand are for September shipment, which tells us the plants are fully committed until then.  Smaller sizes seem to be moving up and large sizes are non-existent.”


Source:Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  Thai Shrimp Prices Up as Packers Strive to Fill Orders, Ecuador Rises on China Demand.  Tom Seaman  (  July 24, 2014.

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