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December 28, 2012

Everything You Wanted to Know about EMS/AHPNS*

(*Except What Causes it)



On August 9-10, 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand, the Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia (NACA) and the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry convened an emergency consultation on an emerging shrimp disease called acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome, (AHPNS), formerly referred to as early mortality syndrome (EMS).  At the consultation, 19 shrimp disease experts from around the world gave presentations on the occurrence, pathology and diagnosis of AHPNS, which has caused significant losses on shrimp farms in China and Vietnam (2010), Malaysia (2011) and Thailand (2012).  It affects Penaeus monodon and P. vannamei and is characterized by an abnormal hepatopancreas, corkscrew swimming, loose shells, pale coloration, slow growth and mass mortalities during the first 20-30 days of culture.  The cause is unknown.


You can listen to the 19 presentations from the consultation on the Internet.  When you click on one of the listings below, a page will open with the name of the presentation, but you must click on the green arrow () after the presentation’s title to start the audio.  If you want to download the audio presentation to your desktop, click on the music symbol (♫) after the presentation’s title.  In English and ranging in length from about ten minutes to a half hour, they are all good and informative.  I particularly enjoyed Dr. Matt Briggs presentation, “Is EMS a Management Problem”, because of his discussion on the differences between EMS and AHPNS.


Opening Remarks (C.V. Mohan, Ambekar Eknath and Ingo Ernst)


Background, Objectives, Structure and Expected Outputs (C.V. Mohan)


Characterisation, Distribution, Impacts and Case Definition (Don Lightner)


Research Progress on Bacterial and Viral Causes of AHPNS (Tim Flegel)


Disease Emergence - Why And How? (Peter Walker)


Novel Methods for Hunting for Ghost Viruses (Jeff Cowley)


Epidemiology and Risk Factors - What Do We Know? (Flavio Corsin)


Is EMS a Management Problem? (Matt Briggs)


AHPNS - Experiences From China (Chinese Team)


AHPNS - Experiences From Thailand (Thailand Team)


AHPNS - Experiences From Malaysia (Malaysian Team)


AHPNS - Experiences From Vietnam (Vietnam Team)


One Month Mortality Syndrome - Revising an Old Story (Celia Pitogo)


Management of EMS - What Works and What Does Not? (Chalor Limsuwan)


Disease Preparedness - Theory and Practice. What Have We Learnt? (Ingo Ernst)


AHPNS - Current Knowledge, Gaps and Research Priorities (Jason Weeks)


AHNPS Detection, Reporting and Surveillance (Flavio Corsin)


AHPNS - Biosecurity, Emergency Response and Disease Management (Larry Hammell)


AHPNS - Regional Disease Response (Ingo Ernst)


Source: The Website of the Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia (NACA). -------Emergency Regional Consultation on Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Syndrome.  Website visit on December 28, 2012.




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