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June 30, 2014


Introduces Western White Shrimp


The western white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) has been introduced into Fiji.


Anand Parasad, the fishery officer in charge of the introduction, said white shrimp cost less to farm because feeding them is cheaper.  He said, “The new species is suitable for brackish and freshwater in Fiji and, compared to the local species, it is much easier to raise in the hatchery and pond, and it is...not susceptible to disease.  ...You can manage it without changing any water therefore the farming technique is also easy.”


Prasad said the government would provide free feed to white shrimp farmers for the first two months of growout.  He said, “At the moment the government is trying to formulate the feed using local ingredients...and...we’re using...seaweed as binder so there is the possibility of manufacturing the feed locally....”


White shrimp seedstock will be supplied to interested farmers who will be trained by the Department of Fisheries.


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