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February 25, 2014


Video—Mud Crab Farming


The Crab Company of Fiji, Ltd., operates a vertically integrated farm that produces mud crabs for local (tourism and food service) and export markets.  During its first year of operation, it established a mud crab hatchery in Suva at the University of the South Pacific, leased a former shrimp farm in Navua, stocked it with crabs and made its first sales.  In its second year of operation, the company will be expanding its production to establish farming nodes around Fiji to produce mud crabs in simple, eco-friendly, mangrove pens.  With the announcement of a new casino to be built in Fiji, the local tourist market for crabs will be expanding.  With its low labor costs, the company can produce two crops a year at internationally competitive prices, while maintaining good margins.  The company has also commenced trading in wild mud crabs to increase its product range and profitability.  In operation since 2011, it has eight full time employees.


To view a half-hour video of the farm and its operations, click on the link in the third source below.  It’s a  slow-moving, a high-quality video with music that’s divided into three sections that discuss the growout cycle, farming strategies, feeds and feeding, marketing and the preparation of the crabs for restaurants.  Finance by the European Union IACT Project  (Increasing Agricultural Commodity Trade) and designed to provide jobs for women, the project hopes to encourage local villagers to take up crab farming.


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