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August 15, 2015


The Farmed Shrimp Market


France is the second largest market for farmed shrimp in Europe, a consumer's market estimated at $900 million in 2014.  Twenty years, or so, after their successful introduction on the French market, farmed shrimp is still poorly marketed and pockets of opportunities are numerous.  The French market for farmed shrimp is a no-brand, no-logo market.  The market is dominated by cooked product (62% of the total market) from Spain and France.  This is one of the few remaining markets where product information available to consumers is poor (often below what is required by the legislation) and where no logo, no brand, no origin and no company names are highlighted.


Why do farmers pay so little attention to markets?  Farmers are production oriented, concentrating their attention on avoiding shrimp diseases and getting the highest possible yields.  They don't seem too concerned about what happens when their products arrive on the consumer market.  They sell it and forget it.


Source: Aquaculture Magazine.  Editor Greg Lutz (email  Understanding The French Market for Tropical Shrimp.  Marie Christine Monfort.  Volume 41, Number 4, Page 12, August/September 2015.

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