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June 28, 2015

The Gambia

Dictator Takes Over Swedish Shrimp Farm


Yahya Jammeh, president of The Gambia, who took power as a young army officer in a 1994 military coup, has started taking over foreign businesses.


Jammeh has seized the Pirang Shrimp Farm Company owned by Swedish national Lala Harmson.  The farm, West African Aquaculture, was formerly known as SCAN GAMBIA.  It employed 200 people from surrounding villages.  All of them lost their jobs when military officers loyal to dictator Jammeh invaded the farm and instructed everyone to leave and not come back.  The farm had just completed a multi-million-dollar renovation.


Guess what dictator Jammeh is going to do with the farm?  He’s going to transform it into a military barracks.  The farm’s residences and offices will be turned into a military camp and a lot of green youths will be stationed there.


Source: Freedom Press.  Jammeh Takes Over Multimillion Dollar Swedish Shrimp Company Formerly Known as Scan Gambia From the Owner; as He Bans Foreign Fishing in the Gambia!  The Soldier.  June 28, 2015.

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