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May 22, 2014


Video—Breeding Shrimp for Beauty


On February 11, 2013, at the Fifth International Shrimp Championship in Hanover/Germany, a trade show for the pet and aquarium industries, judges selected the most beautiful shrimp from among 260 candidates, submitted by ornamental shrimp breeders from all over Europe.


For a ten-minute, high-quality video of the winners and many of the runner-ups, click on the link in the Source below.  In the first part of the video, you’ll learn about the championship, the breeders, the trade show and its organizers.  In the second part, you’ll see close ups of the winners and many of the runner-ups, all live in aquariums.  They are all very colorful—reds, whites, blues, oranges, yellows and blacks—along with striped combinations of most of the colors.


These shrimp have body configurations that are very similar to farmed penaeids, but they are from different genera, mostly Caridina and Neocaridina, freshwater atyid shrimp, widely found in the tropical and subtropical waters of Asia, Oceania and Africa.  One thing you will notice about these shrimp, like farmed shrimp, is that they are constantly feeding, using their first couple of walking legs to pick up small particles of food and transfer them to their mouths.  As of May 2014, over 52,000 people had viewed this video.


Source: YouTube.  5th International Shrimp Championship.  Jim Dickwhistle.  Produced by Edwin and Heike Reitz.  May 17, 2014.

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