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October 21, 2014


Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms—A Beautiful Website




From a visit to its webpage, it’s difficult to determine if Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms has any actual facilities or if it’s just a shrimp farming group looking for investors.  I suspect the latter, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it has put together a nifty website in Greek and English.  If you want the English version, click on the word “English” in the upper right hand corner of its home page.  I recommend that you visit the website, if for no other reason just to see the potential of using web technology to sell and idea.




Here are some notes from the website:


The first and only inland shrimp farm in Greece.  A pioneering, Greek investment initiative, aiming at farming natural, safe and environmentally-friendly top-quality shrimp, which will be available totally fresh, all-year-round.  No chemicals, no antibiotics, no preservatives, never frozen.


Business Plan: Access to the detailed business plan is limited to authorized users only.




Information: Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms, 12th km National Road Thessaloniki, Edessa P.O. Box 1563, GR - 570 08 Ionia, Thessaloniki, Greece (phone +30-231-071-0099, email, webpage


Source: Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms.  Website Visit on October 21, 2014.

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