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December 7, 2013


Rich Enrichment Diets


Founded in September 1990 and based in Athens, RICH S.A. manufactures the following products for shrimp hatcheries:


Rotifer Culture Diets

Enrichment Diets for Rotifers and Artemia

Bioencapsulated Diets for Marine Fish or Shrimp Larva

Aquaculture Disinfectants


Information: Dr. Antonios Komis (email, Technical Department) and Ms. Theodora Grivopoulou (email, Marketing Department), RICH, S.A., 55 Alkionis Str. 175 62, P. Faliro, Greece (phone +30-210-9846752, fax +30-210-9852691, webpage


Source: The Webpage of Rich, S.A.  Enrichment Diets.  Website Visit on December 3, 2013.

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