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January 22, 2015


Acuamaya’s Traceability Program



The Acuamaya Group, the biggest shrimp farm in Guatemala, is betting that its traceability program will differentiate it from its competitors and bolster premium prices for its branded products in Asia and elsewhere in the world.


While the traceability program helps reinforce existing customer relationships, Acuamaya also uses it to expand into new markets, said Gabriel Biguria, vice president of sales.  Acuamaya currently ships to customers in Taiwan, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, the United States and Mexico.  In 2015, for the first time, it plans to begin exporting shrimp to China and Japan.  The traceability program has already helped it secure an order for ten 2,100-metric-ton containers of its Tikal brand directly to China, Biguria said, and he hopes to establish relationships with customers in South Korea in March 2015.  Biguria thinks the traceability program will also help Acuamaya expand its markets in Europe.




At Acuamaya’s website, customers can input product codes from each box of the company’s Tikal and Crystal Ponds brands to see data from every step of the production cycle.  Customers can access data on which of the company’s three farms the shrimp came from and which pond they were taken from, as well as harvest and processing dates and other information.  The company’s customers say the traceability function gives them credibility when they take Acuamaya shrimp to restaurants and supermarkets.


Acuamaya already sells its shrimp at premium prices and hopes to push that premium to 10%-20% with the traceability program.



Information: Gabriel Biguria, Acuamaya, 7a. Ave 3-74, Zona 9 Oficina, 301 Guatemala City, Guatemala (phone 502-2331-4546, USA phone 1-305-735-3669, email, webpage



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