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June 30, 2015


Seajoy’s Shrimp Farms Receive Four-Star BAP Certification


When its feed supplier, Cargill de Honduras, earned BAP certification in early June 2015, the Seajoy Group, with operations in Honduras and Nicaragua, became the first Latin America shrimp company to receive Best Aquaculture Practices’ (BAP) Four-Star (hatcheries, farms, feed mills and processing plants) certification.


Seajoy is a long-time supporter of the BAP certification program.  It was the world’s first company qualified to offer three-star BAP shrimp in 2005, when its Larvicultura del Pacifico hatchery landed BAP certification.


Its shrimp farms, Aquacultura Fonseca and Biomar, located along the Gulf of Fonseca in Honduras, attained BAP certification in 2003, followed by its farm in Nicaragua, Aquacultura Torrecillas, in 2004.  Seajoy’s Empacadora Deli, S.A., processing plant, located just outside of Choluteca, Honduras, attained BAP certification in 2004.


Source: The FishSite.  Seajoy Group’s Four-Star BAP Shrimp Is First For Latin America.  June 30, 2015.

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