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September 26, 2013


Production Statistics


The National Aquaculture Association of Honduras (ANDAH) predicts that shrimp farmers will produce approximately 27,000 metric tons of farmed shrimp in 2013, up slightly from 2012’s production when the harvest was worth $170 million.


Ricardo Gomez, executive director of ANDAH, said Honduras has 37,012 hectares of shrimp farming concessions and that approximately 18,200 hectares of ponds are currently stocked.


The shrimp industry in Choluteca and Valle provinces has a total of 305 farms and 11 hatcheries.  In addition, Honduras has eight processing plants and various scientific laboratories for monitoring water
quality and aquatic diseases.


Source: FIS United States.  The Shrimp Industry Gets Consolidated in the South Area.  Analia Murias (  September 26, 2013.


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