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November 18, 2014


Shrimp Exports at Historic High


The shrimp industry expects to end the year with exports of $260 million, the highest amount ever recorded.


A report issued by the Central Bank of Honduras and the National Aquaculture Association of Honduras (ANDAH) said the average price of shrimp exported in August 2014 was $8.17 per kilogram, 26.8% higher than in August 2013.  The report also said shrimp exports totaled $145.2 million through August 2014, an increase of  $42.1 million, compared to the same period in 2013.  Ninety-seven percent ($140.8 million) of the exports were from shrimp farms in the Pacific coast provinces of Choluteca and Valle, while the remaining three per cent ($4.4 million) were from shrimp fisheries on the Atlantic coast.


Source: FIS United States.  Record Revenue Expected for Shrimp Exports.  Analia Murias (  November 18, 2014.

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