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March 13, 2016


Andhra Pradesh—Bad Seedstock and Falling Prices


Shrimp farmers in the state of Andhra Pradesh (Prakasam District) want the state government to supply them with specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock, a lab (to test their soil, water and shrimp), cold storage facilities and low interest loans.


Farmers were complaining less and demanding less when 30-count, whole Penaeus vannamei fetched $8.66 a kilo, rather than the recent price of $7.66 a kilo.


Even though the district administration has set a target to double the area of shrimp farms to 6,000 hectares, about 40 percent of the farmers are waiting for the situation to improve before they stock their ponds.  A prolonged dry spell is adding to their woes.


A. Kondal Rayudu, Andhra Pradesh State Prawn Farmers’ Welfare Association Secretary, said, “It is high time the state government, which has identified the sector as a growth engine, takes sector-friendly initiatives like supplying specific pathogen free broodstock and a lab to test soil, water and shrimp right at aqua ponds for disease surveillance.”


Farmers expressed concern over the increasing number of shrimp hatcheries and the mixing of local seedstock with imported seedstock.  Over the 120-day growout period, their shrimp are only reaching 10 grams, instead of the normal 33 grams.


Source: The Hindu.  Spurious Seed, Fall in Shrimp Price Hit Prakasam Aqua Farmers.  S. Murali.  March 11, 2016.

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