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December 22, 2015


Andhra Pradesh—New Broodstock Multiplication Center and a Mud Crab Hatchery


The state of Andhra Pradesh is scheduled to get a new broodstock multiplication center for Penaeus vannamei.  Previously, all the imported specific pathogen free (SPF) broodstock were being quarantined in the state of Tamil Nadu before being sent to Andhra Pradesh.  In addition, two shrimp quarantine centers have been proposed for Andhra Pradesh.


The state government is also proposing to set up a hatchery for mud crabs at Suryalanka in Bapatla.


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  India’s Andhra Pradesh Sets Ambitious Goal to Grow Seafood Exports to $4.5 Billion Industry.  Michael Ramsingh (phone 1-732-240-5330, email  December 22, 2015.

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