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December 27, 2015


Andhra Pradesh—Floods and EHP Will Affect Production in 2016


Recent floods in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, the heart of the country’s shrimp farming industry, and an outbreak of a fungal disease, Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP, a microsporidian disease) will likely affect the production and revenues of India’s shrimp farming industry in 2016.


Ramakanth V. Akula, CEO of The Waterbase, which produces shrimp feed and farms shrimp, said: “We had a good run for four to five years.  But due to the recent outbreak of EHP fungi and floods, Indian shrimp exports adversely impacted.  Currently, we are having discussions with international experts and domestic research institutes on how to control the EHP fungi in India.”


Regarding the recent floods, Akula said The Waterbase had to close down a shrimp feed mill and processing plant in Nellore.


Information: Ramakanth V. Akula, The Waterbase, Ltd., Thapar House, 37 Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai 600008, India (phone 91-44-30127000, fax 91-44-30127001, webpage


Source: The Hindu.  Flood, Disease to Hit Aquaculture Sector in 2015–16.  N. Anand.  December 22, 2015.

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