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November 6, 2015


BAP Certification for BMR Group


The BMR Group, whose Chairman Dr. Beeda Masthan Rao introduced Penaeus vannamei to India in 2003, is working toward four-star, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification through the construction of a new feed mill in Andhra Pradesh, India.  Scheduled for completion in March 2016, the feed mill will have a capacity of 300 metric tons a day.


“We have hired some of the best nutritionists from around the globe to produce a premium-quality pelleted feed to benefit the local shrimp farmers,” said Alfred Nasti, director of shrimp sales for BMR Seafood USA.  “BMR Group is setting up an onsite quality-control laboratory to analyze all the raw material for critical nutritional values and amino acid profiles.  This will insure a finished feed product that will result in higher yields for the farmers.”


The feed mill is being built in the same complex that is home to BMR’s shrimp processing plant.  Opened in August 2014, the plant has a freezing capacity of 55 metric tons a day.  BMR’s farms cover 250 hectares, and additional farms are under construction.  BMR also has 12 hatcheries with a capacity of four billion postlarvae a year that supply nearly a third of India’s shrimp farmers.


BMR Group is also constructing a research and development facility with the help of some of India’s leading technocrats and nutritionists.  Its goal is to find new developments that create maximum results and continue improving responsible practices for small-scale farmers to adopt.  “We hope to work together with BAP and get as many of our farmers certified as economically as possible,” Nasti said.


Information: Alfred Nasti, BMR Seafood USA, 5 Corporate Pl S STE 352, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854, USA (phone 1-7328-567-447, email, webpage


Source: The Global Aquaculture Alliance.  BroodTalkBlog.  BMR Group Seeking Fourth BAP Star.  Steven Hedlund, Communications Manager (phone 1-207-831-0196, email  October 23, 2015.

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