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October 14, 2014


Cyclone Hudhud—Damage to Hatcheries and Farms


N. B. VijayaKumar Kallepalli ( reports: Cyclone Hudhud caused some big loses to shrimp hatcheries and farms on India’s east coast, and it will probably be a couple of months until the industry gets back to normal.  Many farms will have to harvest smaller shrimp (10 to 20 grams) because of they lost power for their aerators, and hatcheries (see pictures) took a beating, with an average loss of over $80 thousand each. The damage to infrastructure—bird netting, power lines and aerators—was huge.





Shrimp News: Send reports on how Cyclone Hudhud affected your farm or hatchery, and I’ll bring them together for a full report on the cyclone’s effects in a week or two.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from N.B. VijayaKumar Kallepalli.  Subject: Images of Hatcheries.  October 16, 2014.

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