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March 4, 2014


Wants Investors for Vannamei Farm


Thomas Cherian, from Roshini Seafoods Limited, reports: “We operate one of the largest aqua farms in the southern most state of India—Kerala.  The 80-acre property is registered with the Coastal Aquaculture Authority of India.  The farm is designed for conventional fish and prawn farming.  Currently we rear tiger prawns.  We are looking at farming whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).  Vannamei cultivation will increase the productivity and profitability of the farm.  Vannamei cultivation can be undertaken only by licensed farms, and we are in the process of upgrading the facilities and obtaining the license.  This infrastructure expansion involves providing additional facilities in the form of:”


• Nets to deter birds and flies, plus fencing (completed)

• Installation of generators

• Installation of additional aerators

• Installation of automatic feeders


“We are looking for investors who are interested in forming a joint venture with us.  We are looking for funds for the infrastructure expansion and working capital requirements for...vannamei farming.”


Farm Specifications:


Location: Kunjimangalam, Payyannur, Kannur District, Kerala, India

Number of ponds: 20

Water quality: Saline for 9 months, soil always saline

Nearest airport: Mangalore, 110 kilometers

Nearest railway station: Payyannur, 3 kilometers

Nearest Seaport: Mangalore, 110 kilometers

Production Capacity: 300 metric tons a year


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Thomas Cherian (  Subject: No Subject.  March 3, 2014.

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