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September 23, 2015


Gujarat—First Farm to Use Shrimp Harvester


At its shrimp farms in the state of Gujarat, the WestCoast Group, an aquaculture pioneer in India, is the first company to import a shrimp harvester.


Kamlesh Gupta, WestCoast’s managing director, said the machine harvests shrimp in perfect condition, without any damage to their antennae or other appendages.  The harvester is compact, mobile, has a diesel engine and can be operated at remote locations without electricity.  It also has halogen lights for night operation.


WestCoast is one of India’s leading manufacturers and distributors of frozen food, with brands including Cambay Tiger shrimp (India’s largest selling seafood brand).


WestCoast’s Website says: At WestCoast, our probiotic shrimp hatcheries, located at Diu and Kumta, along the west coast of India, are dedicated to produce healthy postlarvae.


We source high-quality broodstock to initiate the process of producing safe seafood.  Our well-designed hatcheries implement high-end technology and assure bio-security while producing millions of quality larvae to serve the demands of WestCoast’s shrimp farms and other farms in the country.  A five-stage virus check is administered at the hatcheries, and the seeds are examined at our in-house PCR laboratories to ensure that they are fit to be farmed.  Our hatcheries implement sustainable production methods, ensuring that the processes are eco-friendly.  We supply to the lion’s share of postlarvae in western India.


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