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January 2, 2014


Gujarat—Lobster Farmers Harvest Cages


In the state of Gujarat, the Siddi Community, tribal people originally from southeast Africa, have produced 2.5 metric tons of lobsters in sea cages.  Over 20 Siddi families formed a society and work the farm as partners, some as owners.  In April 2013, they stocked about 20 circular cages (five meters in diameter) with 50-80-gram juveniles and harvested them after 110 days of growout, generating approximately $42 thousand.  They got approximately $20 a kilo for the lobsters, and two crops a year are possible.  The farmers, who previously worked mainly as labors, now have incomes of approximately $240 a month.


Source: The Times of India.  Gujarat’s African Community Now Get Into Lobster Farming.  Paul John.  January 1, 2014.

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