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November 27, 2013


MPEDA Clarification on Crop Holiday


The Marine Products Export Development Authority’s (MPEDA) webpage reports:


“There have been some misinterpretations in various print and electronic media with regard to the crop holiday mentioned as a measure being adopted in India to prevent and control the spread of EMS to India which has been posted on the MPEDA website.


It is hereby clarified that MPEDA being the nodal agency for promotion of seafood exports from the country has a vested interest in taking steps to protect the shrimp farming in the country so that the exports are sustained. In this connection a decision was taken, after wider consultation with all the stakeholders that India must adopt stringent preventive measures to ensure that there are no aquaculture production losses due to disease. The aquaculture season in India is mainly between February till end of October or early November. Instead of having culture in small pockets throughout the coastal States, it was felt that a uniform crop holiday will be observed by all the stakeholders for 2-3 months i.e., from end November to the early February to ensure a complete dry out of ponds before taking up next crop.


It is unfortunate that some seafood business news websites have wrongly interpreted this as 'MPEDA to halt all shrimp farming in India by end of February 2014'. Hence it is further clarified and reiterated that MPEDA is NOT going to halt shrimp farming in India by end of February 2014. In fact the crop holiday from December 2013 to February 2014 is to be viewed as making preparation for a bumper crop in 2014.”


Source: The Marine Products Export Development Authority’s (MPEDA) webpage.  Clarification on Crop Holiday Mentioned in Order Dated Thursday, November 21, 2013 Posted on MPEDA Website.  Chairman of MPEDA. Website Visit on November 27, 2013.

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