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February 8, 2015


Made in India Broodstock


The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is keen on producing shrimp seedstock from homegrown broodstock.  Currently, India imports its broodstock from facilities in the United States (Florida and Hawaii).  MPEDA is awaiting the government’s nod to begin producing its own broodstock.  Speaking at a meeting of shrimp farmers, organized by the Fisheries Department, S. Kandan, MPEDA Deputy Director of Aquaculture, announced that India was ready to promote “Made in India” broodstock.


Sources: 1. The Hindu.  MPEDA Keen on Producing “Made in India Shrimp Seed”.  Rajulapudi Srinivas.  February 1, 2015.  2. Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International, February 8, 2015.

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