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July 3, 2014


It’s Official, No EMS/AHPND in India


From Abstract: In this study, pure cultures of Vibrio parahaemolyticus were obtained from the haemolymph (blood) of moribund shrimp following a disease outbreak and mass mortality on the east coast of India during October to November 2013.  The bacterium could not be found in the haemolymph of healthy animals from farms on east and west coasts of India. All the cultures were negative for the virulent genes associated with human pathogenic strains of V. parahaemolyticus.  All the isolates were negative by PCR for the genomic region considered specific for V. parahaemolyticus strains associated with acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND), but were positive for V. parahaemolyticus T3SS1.  The isolates showed genetic diversity as indicated by random amplification of polymorphic DNA (RAPD).  Challenge studies with representative isolates by immersion did not cause mortalities or histopathological changes in the experimental shrimp.


This study has demonstrated the association of V. parahaemolyticus with outbreaks of mortalities among Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei, but the V. parahaemolyticus isolates did not match the characteristics of strains associated with EMS/AHPND.  The strains of V. parahaemolyticus that caused the mortalities in this study were probably opportunistic pathogens of immunocompromised L. vannamei under unfavorable environmental conditions.   This paper strongly suggests that the mortalities reported in India during October and November 2013 were due to vibriosis rather than AHPND.


Source: Aquaculture.  Diversity of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Associated With Disease Outbreak Among Cultured Litopenaeus Vannamei (Pacific White Shrimp) in India.  Ballamoole Krishna Kumar (email, UNESCO-MIRCEN for Marine Biotechnology, Department of Fisheries Microbiology, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal Fisheries Sciences University, College of Fisheries, Mangalore-575 002, India), Vijaya Kumar Deekshit, Juliet Roshini Mohan Raj, Praveen Raia, Balligavi Mallappa Shivanagowda, Iddya Karunasagar and Indrani Karunasagar.  In Press, Accepted Manuscript.  Available Online on June 26, 2014.

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