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October 17, 2015


Price Supports


The Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI) is planning to support farmers with a minimum price for shrimp.  Tara Patnaik, vice president of SEAI and Chairman of Falcon Marine Exports Limited, a leading Indian exporter, said, “We are also having a dialogue with the government for the support.”


According to the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), which promotes the export of marine products from India, the depreciation of Euro, weaker economic condition in China, the devaluation of Japan’s yen and India’s rupee, and increased shrimp supplies from Southeast Asian countries have resulted in a continuous drop in shrimp prices.  Except for the United States, no other countries are ready to pay good prices because of the slowing down in their economies, Patnaik said.


MPEDA reports that 130,947 hectares of shrimp and prawn farms in 2014-2015 producing about 434,557 metric tons of exportable products.


Source: Business Standard.  Marine Exporters to Support Farmers With Minimum Prices.  Nirmalya Behera.  October 16, 2015.

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