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December 9, 2014


Prices and Production


India is on course to export $6 billion worth of seafood products in 2014, with shrimp accounting for $4.4 billion (73%) of the total.


 L. Satyanarayana, president of the All India Shrimp Hatcheries Association, says farm-gate prices for 40-count Penaeus vannamei have fallen from levels earlier this year.   He says they are currently at $5.65 to $6.45 per kilogram, down by $1.60 to $2.42 a kilo.


Shrimp farms in India produced around 300,000 metric tons in 2013.


High shrimp prices earlier in 2014 encouraged shrimp farmers in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the two biggest producers of farmed shrimp, to increase their production.


Source: The Economic Times.  Shrimp Exports Set to Meet Target.  December 9, 2014.

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