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August 20, 2014


India Should Focus on Penaeus vannamei Farming


At the Aquaculture Roundtable Series TARS 2014 (Phuket, Thailand, August 20-21, 2014), which is featuring “state-of-the-science” plenary presentations and breakout sessions on shrimp farming, Manoj Sharma, managing director of Mayank Aquaculture, a shrimp farm in the northwestern state of in Gujurat, said India should focus on farming Penaeus vannamei, produce one crop a year instead of two, stock lower densities and produce larger shrimp.  This is the strategy that India successfully used with P. monodon for 25 years.


Sharma said, “There will always be demand for the big sizes...and the profit margin is better.”  Larger sizes have a better carrying capacity in the pond; a single crop has a lower risk than two; and the seed requirement is lower.”


Sharma’s company is devoting more and more ponds to vannamei over monodon, a shift being seen across all of India.


This explosion in demand for vannamei has pushed up seedstock prices from $4.95 to $13.20 a thousand, which is causing producers to cut corners, leading to the sale of lower-quality seedstock, which is increasing the risk of disease.


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  TARS Blog: Farming Vannamei Like It’s Black Tiger; Cargill Says EMS Was Accident Waiting To Happen.  Tom Seaman  (  August 20, 2014.

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