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September 24, 2013


Slow Registration of Farms and Hatcheries


In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the heart of India’s shrimp farming industry, red tape slows down the registration process for new shrimp farms.  Applications pass through five levels of government before they are approved, and some registration applications have been pending since 2009.


Some unregistered farms sell their shrimp through registered farms, which costs them from $0.08 to $0.16 per kilogram.


Hatcheries can’t meet the demand for Penaeus vannamei seedstock.


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  Slow Registration of Hatcheries and Farms Frustrating Shrimp Growers in Andhra Pradesh.  September 24, 2013.


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