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January 25, 2015


Tamil Nadu—Big Problems


Durai Balasubramanian, secretary of the Pattukottai Shrimp Farmers Association (4,000 members) in the state of Tamil Nadu, reports: There are many reports about the dramatic expansion of shrimp farming in India, but the truth is that farmers in the state of Tamil Nadu have big problems.


• In the last year, feed costs have risen 23%, from $1.00 a kilo to $1.31 per kilo.

• Over the past two years, seedstock costs have risen 60%.

• Farmers have survivals of 80% for the first 60 days of culture and then get hit with “running mortality
syndrome”, which is worse than early mortality syndrome.  At 120 days, survivals drop to 40%
and feed conversion ratios double.

• Prices for small shrimp have dropped.

• The cost of pond additives has risen 20%.

• Since October 2014, whitespot has almost wiped all of Tamil Nadu’s shrimp farms.

• Farmers are thinking of switching from Penaeus vannamei to P. monodon.

• Farmers are no longer expanding production.  In fact, they are cutting back on production.


Information: Durai Balasubramanian, Pattukottai Shrimp Farming Association, 101 Big Street, Pattukottai 614602, India (email


Source: Emails to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Farming Tamilnadu Report 2014.  Durai Balasubramanian.  January 23 and 24, 2015.

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