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December 28, 2015


Tamil Nadu—Lobster Farming in Sea-Cage


In September 2015, the Tuticorin Research Centre of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute introduced sea-cage lobster farming to a small group of fishermen in Sippikulam, Tamil Nadu.  A total of 550 baby lobsters with an average size of 60 grams were procured from fishermen and stocked in one cage (seven meters in diameter and three meters deep).  The lobsters were fed once a day with clams and chopped low-value fishes.  After 90 days, each lobster attained the average weight of 225 grams and the 100-kilo crop was sold for $2,722.


Information: I. Jagadis, Principal Scientist, Tuticorin Research Centre of CMFRI, South Beach Road (Near Rochi Park), Tuticorin-628 001, Tamil Nadu (email, phone +91-461-2320274, fax +91-461-2322274, webpage


Source: The Hindu.  Fishermen Reap Rich Dividends in Lobster Farming.  December 28, 2015.

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