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February 28, 2014


USA/FDA Satisfied with India’s Shrimp Exports


Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the Commissioner of the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), participated in series of positive meetings with Indian shrimp exporters during a tour of the country's shrimp farming industry.


In meetings with A.J. Tharakan, president of the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI), and other Indian shrimp industry representatives, Dr. Hamburg said USA authorities were generally happy with the quality of India's shrimp shipments to the USA.


A.J. Tharakan said, “Our seafood exports to the USA are being treated fairly by the FDA, and we have no major issues on the inspection procedures.”  He informed the delegation, however, that when consignments were sampled for inspection, sometimes it takes up to 45-60 days to get the results and for the shipments to be released.  This creates substantial financial stress for both the exporter and the importer.  The FDA team said that it would look into the delay problem.


Withdrawal of subsidy and dumping duties helped India to do more business with the USA.  In 2013, it became the largest exporter of shrimp to the USA by shipped it 94,000 tons of shrimp, valued at $1 billion.


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  FDA and Indian shrimp Exporters Mostly Pleased with Trade Relations, Product Quality.  Michael Ramsingh (phone 1-732-240-5330, email  February 27, 2014.

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