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November 19, 2013


Vannamei Broodstock Shortage


L. Satyanarayana, President of the All-India Shrimp Hatcheries Association, says there is a serious shortage of Penaeus vannamei broodstock in Andhra Pradesh, the leading shrimp farming state in India.


Hatcheries in East Godavari District import broodstock from Hawaii in the United States and from other countries, but because of import restrictions, they can’t get as much as they need.


Satyanarayana said there are many unregistered P. vannamei farms in the state and therefore, demand is much higher than projected.  “According to the Coastal Aquaculture Authority of India, only 6,000 hectares may be under vannamei culture, but actually the figure may be four-fold or even five-fold higher.  For a variety of reasons, farmers are not registering their farms.  The authorities are allowing import of broodstock only on the basis of official statistics, and it is proving to be a major problem,” he said, adding that import restrictions should be eased and the reality of the situation taken into account.


He said the scarcity of vannamei seedstock was forcing farmers to use inferior inbred seed and that could lead to future problems.




Source: The Hindu/Business Line.  Brood Stock Scarcity Affecting Vannamei Shrimp Farming.  November 18, 2013.

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