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December 9, 2015


Waterbase Introduces New Shrimp Feed


The Waterbase Limite, one of the leading manufacturer of high-quality shrimp feed in India, recently announced the launch of “Bay White Enriched”, a new generation shrimp feed formulated with essential nutrients required for producing healthy shrimp.


“Bay White Enriched” contains natural sources of phospholipids, cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acids to fulfill the shrimp’s requirements for essential lipids.  It also contains “HP Boost”, which helps shrimp digest and absorb fats more efficiently, resulting in enhanced hepatopancreas function; and “Healthy Gut”, which modulates the microflora of the shrimp’s digestive system, limiting the growth of pathogenic Vibrio bacteria and promoting beneficial Bacillus bacteria.


In addition, Waterbase has developed model ponds in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, where it conducts research and provides training on modern shrimp farming techniques.  Over the last two decades, it has played a key role in spreading scientific shrimp farming in India and has provided training and support in farming techniques to several thousand shrimp farmers across the country.  The company’s R&D efforts are focused on enhancing the quality and efficiency of feeds to meet differing farming requirements of shrimp farmers.  Waterbase’s stock is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.


Information: Ramakanth V. Akula, The Waterbase, Ltd., Thapar House, 37 Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai 600008, India (phone 91-44-30127000, fax 91-44-30127001, webpage


Information: Ravi Shankar and Sakthi Prasanna, MLS Group, No. 275 TTK Road (Near Studio Cell), Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India (phone +91-44-225-1717,  extension 206, mobile 91-938-288-7608, email, webpage


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