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February 7, 2015


“Continuous Mortality Syndrome”


Daniel Gruenberg (, a shrimp farmer in Thailand, reports on the Shrimp List: I have heard from three independent sources that India is having problems with shrimp production.  Some call it “continuous mortality syndrome”.  Farmers are having problems with growth and survival.  According to unconfirmed reports, growth rates have been cut in half, and survival rates have been reduced to 30–60 percent.  These signs are eerily reminiscent of what we saw in Thailand with the WSSV/EMS/microsporidian triple header (my apologies for the baseball reference to all the soccer fans on the list).  All of this is speculation.  I assume that if EMS Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains were present, they would have been reported.


Thai shrimp production is hitting record lows, and production in India may be slowing down.  This may impact prices in the coming months.  I predicted that Thailand would get off to a slow start in 2015, and so far, the numbers seem to be confirming my prediction.


Source: The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  Subject: Continuous Mortality Syndrome, India, Thailand.  January 30, 2015.

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