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October 21, 2015


Ananda Group’s Shrimp Hatcheries Get European Union Organic Certification


Ananda Group, headquartered in Bhimavaram, a coastal city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is a conglomerate of agro-based companies that produce rice and poultry for Indian and international markets.  It also farms, processes, markets and exports shrimp and prawns and produces shrimp feeds.


In 1993, Ananda Hatcheries set up the first freshwater prawn hatchery in India with the capacity to produce 40 million postlarvae a year, and in 1994, it set up a giant tiger shrimp hatchery capable of producing a 100 million postlarvae a year.  Currently, that shrimp hatchery can produce 500 million postlarvae a year.  It has been approved by India’s Costal Aquaculture Authority to import SPF broodstock from the United States and Thailand.  It produces postlarvae without utilizing eyestalk ablation on its broodstock.


Ananda Hatcheries in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, and in Digha, West Bengal, has received European Union Certification for its organic giant tiger (Penaeus monodon) hatcheries, a first for an Indian hatchery.


It’s already supplying giant tiger postlarvae for certified organic farming in the Andulalpatha and Ghona areas of the Sundarbans.  The organic certification helps shrimp farmers get 20% more money for their shrimp than the prevailing market price.  The 160-hectare project with 13 farmers in two clusters is poised to expand to 4,000 hectares in 2016!  For distribution to wholesale and retain markets, Ananda Group is linked to Ristic AG Germany.


Information: Srinivas Madduri, Ananda Bhavan, Door No: 27-8-21/3, Sivaraopeta Road, Bhimavaram-534202, Andhra Pradesh, India (phone +91-8816-272507, fax +91-8816-272707, email, webpage


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