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February 11, 2014


Former CP Prima Farmers Act Independently




Three years after severing ties with CP Prima, arguably the largest shrimp farm in the world, hundreds of shrimp farmers from the Bumi Dipasena farm in northern Lampung Province, have begun to farm shrimp independently.  They showed their ability to act independently by purchasing an excavator for $164,00 to refurbish their farms.  Nafian Faiz, head of the Tiger Prawn Plasma Farmers Association (P3UW), said, “We bought the excavator with cash set aside by P3UW members.  The excavator will later be used to restore the Bumi Dipasena hatchery.”  The shrimp farmers have also improved Bumi Dipasena’s infrastructure without assistance from CP Prima.


The shrimp farmers had hoped that CP Prima would refurbish the shrimp farms, but it never happened.  Instead, a long-running dispute between the farmers and the company took place in which several people were killed.


Source: Jakarta Post.  Lampung Shrimp Farmers Work Independently.  February 11, 2014.

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