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May 18, 2014


Mangroves Make Comeback


Tanakeke Island, off the southern coast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, once had extensive mangrove forests.  Then, more than two-thirds of the mangroves surrounding the island were converted to 1,200 hectares of shrimp ponds.  Viral diseases at the turn of the century, however, began to make shrimp farming less profitable.  More recently, heavy rains caused severe flooding of the shrimp ponds and washed shrimp crops out to sea.  Now, with two-thirds of the shrimp ponds failing or abandoned, villagers are beginning to restore the mangroves.


Source: Thompson Reuters FoundationAs Shrimp Farms Fail, Mangroves Make a Comeback.  Melinda Chickering (Mangroves Action Project).  May 16, 2014

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