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August 23, 2013


May Become the Largest Producer of Shrimp in the World


Indonesia’s Maritime and Fishery Ministry has launched a shrimp industrialization program and set the country`s shrimp production target at 608,000 metric tons for 2013, a sharp increase from 415,703 tons in 2012.  Slamet Soebjakto, director general of aquaculture, said the target was based on production that has already reached 320,000 tons in the first half of 2013.  He said Indonesia has the potential to become the largest exporter of shrimp in the world and that it would benefit from the problems Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia are having with early mortality syndrome.


Source: Antara News.  Indonesian Shrimp Production Predicted to Rise.  Dedhez Anggara.  Editor: Priyambodo RH.  August 21, 2013.


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