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January 20, 2014


Tech-Savvy Shrimp Farming



Central Sulawesi is championing a new, environmentally friendly technique to boost shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) production called “Supra Intensive Indonesia”.


Rokhmin Dahuri, head of the Indonesia Aquaculture Community, introduced the new technology at the CV Dewi Windu shrimp hatchery in South Sulawesi in October 2012.  Then, Hasanuddin Atjo, head of the Central Sulawesi Maritime and Fishery Agency, the designer of the Supra Intensive Indonesia technology and head of the Indonesia Shrimp Club, ran a trial with the technology in 1,000-square-meter pond with a depth of 2.7 meters and a central drain.  Hasanuddin said, “The central drain pumps out shrimp waste, excess food and other waste every six hours automatically.  To maintain oxygen supply, windmills, root blowers and turbo jets are used.”  In February 2013, 100-days after stocking 750,000 postlarvae, the pond, yielded 15.3 metric tons of shrimp worth $62,000.  Hasanuddin said it cost $35,000 to build and equip the pond.


Source: Jakarta Post.  Central Sulawesi: Tech-Savvy Shrimp Industry.  Ruslan Sangadji.  January 20, 2014.

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