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March 4, 2015


The Largest Shrimp Producer in the World in 2015?


Susi Pudjiastuti, Indonesia’s Minister of Marine Fisheries, has expressed her appreciation for progress made by the Dipasena shrimp farm in Lampung Province, Sumatra, for increasing its production.  Dipasena is the largest shrimp farm in Indonesia with production averaging 25 metric tons per month.  On March 4, 2015, Susi said, “Currently shrimp farming has expanded by itself and shrimp farmers have formed a cooperative called Koperasi Petambak Bumi Dipasena,”  The minister said Dipasena is preparing to make a competitive reappearance in the global shrimp market.


Susi said with a shrimp production target set at 785,900 tons in 2015, Indonesia could emerge as the largest shrimp producer in Asia—and the world!


Source: AntaraNews.  Susi Appreciates Increase in Shrimp Production Recorded by Dipasena.  Rabu.  March 4, 2015.

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