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October 27, 2015


Full Copy of Article on Whitespot


Shrimp News: Yesterday (October 26, 2015), I posted just the headline of an article about whitespot in Iran.  Here’s the full report:


Iran’s shrimp production has been cut by 50 percent due to whitespot syndrome.  Arsalan Qasemi, managing director of the Iranian Sea Creatures Production and Export Union, said whitespot syndrome is widespread on shrimp farms in southwestern Bushehr Province, the heart of the country’s shrimp farming industry.  He predicted that the disease will destroy 60 percent of the production in Bushehr and that Iran’s production of farmed shrimp will not exceed 10,000 tons in the current fiscal year, which began on March 21, 2015.


Khuzestan and Chabahar provinces, in southwestern and southeastern parts of the country, have also been affected by disease, but not as harsh as in Bushehr, said Qasemi.  “Last year, farmed shrimp output amounted to 15,000 tons...[and] farmed and hunted shrimp output totaled around 23,000 tons.  [This year] the figure is predicted to be around 17,000 tons.”


Iran exported $10.9 million worth of shrimp in the first half of its current fiscal year, which began on March 21, 2015, a 123 percent rise over the same period in 2014.  On October 11, 2015, Hassan Salehi, the head of Iran’s Fisheries Organization, said that 2,500 tons of shrimp were exported to 16 countries in the first 6-months of the current fiscal year, a 108 percent rise compared to the same period in the previous fiscal year.


Iranian shrimp are exported to Armenia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Belgium, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Oman, Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Mexico and Vietnam.


Source: Trend.  White Spot Syndrome Halves Iran’s Shrimp Production.  Fatih Karimov.  October 25, 2015.

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