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May 11, 2015


Waiter!  There Are Ants on My Shrimp




Noma is a two-star Michelin restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark.  In early 2015, Redzepi took his staff to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, to demonstrate his cuisine.  One of his dishes on show was “Jumbo Shrimp with Flavors of the Nagano Forest”


For the occasion, Redzepi and his crew developed a complex menu that’s unlike anything the Japanese had ever seen.  The magic kicks in with the very first course, jumbo shrimp served atop a platter of ice.  They are superb, premium sashimi quality and so fresh they’re still dancing their final quivers.  But it’s the seasoning—“flavors of the Nagano forest” the menu calls it—that defines this dish.  A dozen tiny wild black ants are carefully arranged on the shrimp, their little pinpricks of sharp acidity act as the perfect accent for the sweet, pink flesh.


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