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February 7, 2015


Wants Postlarvae and Nursery and Growout Feeds


Henry Radzikowski ( writes: We are an indoor, startup, biofloc, recirculating shrimp farm in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and are looking for a supplier of high-quality, specific pathogen free, Penaeus vannamei postlarvae in Thailand, specifically the Bangkok area.  Bangkok has direct flights to Almaty, which would reduce the chances of mortalities on flights to Kazakhstan.  Initially, we want to import about 20,000 larvae and then increase our order as we grow larger.  Right now, we cannot import from the United States (Florida) because Kazakhstan has embargoed all animal imports from USA and Europe in support of Russia.  We are also looking for a supplier of nursery and growout feeds in Thailand.  Shipping costs from USA are prohibitive.  We need the equivalent of Cargill’s Aquacel starter and Aquacel Shrimp 2309.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Request Information on L. vannamei PLs from Thailand.  Henry Radzikowski.  January 27 and 28, 2015.

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