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November 22, 2014


Add Latvia to Your List of Countries with Shrimp Farms


Gints Dzelme ( of MERE SHRIMP FARMS in Latvia, reports: I would like to share the following information with the international shrimp farming community.  Since May 2014, we have successfully run a pilot, intensive, indoor shrimp farm in Riga, Latvia.  When we are fully operational, we hope to produce two metric tons of Penaeus vannamei a year.  We have already received our second shipment of PLs and a third shipment is scheduled to arrive in December 2014.  We are using 100% water recirculation technology with bioflocs.  In December, we hope to harvest three hundred kilos of 25-30-gram shrimp.  You can find some pictures and videos of the farm on our Facebook page.  There is also a five-minute video of our nursery tanks on YouTube.


In the near future we are going to expand our network of shrimp farms to Berlin, Germany; London, England; Vienna, Austria; and Warsaw, Poland—and welcome investors from other countries.


Information: Gints Dzelme, MERE SHRIMP FARMS, Lutrinu Street 1, Riga, LV1002, Latvia (phone +37129425870, email, webpage


Sources: 1. Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: MERE SHRIMP FARMS—Innovative Intensive Indoor Shrimp Farm Project in Riga, Latvia.  Gints Dzelme.  November 22, 2014.  2. YouTube.  24th Day of Shrimp PLs in the MERE SHRIMP FARMS Nursery Tanks.  August 29, 2014.

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