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August 1, 2014


Deaf Reporter Interviews Deaf Shrimp Farmer



In this nine-minute, high-resolution video, a deaf reporter interviews a deaf shrimp farmer and takes a tour of his farm in Sarawak, East Malaysia.  You can skip the first minute of the video, but then make sure you click on the “CC” in the little blue box under the video to turn on the captions.  At minute 1:32, the farmer “signs” the word “shrimp” with a peeling motion.  At minute 1:34, the reporter signs the word “shrimp” with a squiggly index finger moving in front of his body.  In the video they inspect an automatic feeder, check a feeding tray, investigate and electrical problem and move feed from a delivery truck to a storage area.  Overall, the video provides good views of empty and full ponds, long-arm paddlewheel aerators and the intake canal.


Source: No Barriers with Joel Barish (the reporter).  Sarawak: Prawn Farm.  2014.

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